Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Unit-1 Scope of school Management-

Management of Men

Employment legislation
Reward systems
Trade Unions

Development of Core teaching skills
Domain knowledge
Awareness of cognitive theory and its implementation
Management of students
Management of time and resources
Productivity and efficiency
Developing leaders within the school
Communication skills
Organizational skills
Interpersonal skills
Awareness of the big picture
Developing visionaries –global school education

Management of Money

Sources of income
Probable expenditure - Budgeting
Allocation of money as per the priority list
Reservation of funds for meeting any unexpected expenditure
Maintaining and regular auditing of the accounts
Delegating powers to spend the money
Creating funds for the schools
Making the system self reliant
Envisioning future expenditure and creating sources for the same

Management of Material

Making material resources available as per the needs
Allocating resources as per the need
Ensuring effective utilization of the resources
Making provisions for resource mobilization
Carrying out maintaining of the resources
Using resources for fund generation
Training people in making use of resources
Envisioning the resources needed in future and plan for the same

Management of relationships with stakeholders

Involving parents, teachers, students and alumni in management of the school
Take into consideration their views, suggestions, comments for effective management
Cooperating with the government officials and proving them all the necessary help
Involving community members in activities of the school
Keeping all the stakeholders informed about the activities of the school

Management of Quality

Creating awareness and understanding about quality school education
Deciding quality parameters related to various aspects of school such as result, participation in co-curricular activities etc.
Periodic review of all activities of the school
Introducing performance analysis system for all employees
Creating strong feedback system

Management of change
Creation and management of an image of the school
Creation and Management of academic climate
Creation and Management of effective administration

Systems in school
Curricular systems
Students systems
Financial systems
Staff systems
Administrative system

Significance of school management

Very existence
Vision .mission and goals of the school
Laying down policies , rules and regulations
Planning school activities
Financial support
Direction and control
Creating an image of a school
Promoting innovations –new processes and practices
Professional development of school personnel
Ensuring communication to all its stakeholders
Overall success of the school

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