Monday, October 18, 2010

Unit 2-Dramatization method

Dramatization is one of the most joyful and interesting ways of learning a language particularly in case of Sanskrit as Sanskrit literature abounds in dramas. There are lot of ancient literature available which includes simple stories of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Similarly there are well known dramas from the pens of classical writers.
Merits of Dramatization
Ø An actual environment related to the episodes, events can be created as the students wear costumes, prepare speeches etc. All these help in making understanding is easier.
Ø The students get lot of oral practice in Sanskrit which helps in improving pronunciation and fluency in the language. They understand how to speak different words with correct intonation and expressions.
Ø The students play the drama which requires team work so group learning ensures better language learning.
Ø It is interesting activity which includes lot of fun. The students have to act the characters so the students get better insights into the ancient characters, events, episodes. The students are actively involved as they can feel the emotions of the characters which they play. All senses are actively involved so learning is better.
Ø The dramatization includes development of skills like listening, speaking and reading and even writing if creative dramas are written in Sanskrit by the students.
Ø There is a deviation from the regular teaching so it is innovative and creates interest among students.

The teacher can ask the students to play the dramas given in the textbooks or can select some well known episodes from the literary works, make the students understand them and give enough practice to rehearse it. The dramas can also be presented in the annual function of the school. The teacher can also write small drama script related to modern topics such as cleanliness, environment etc. and can encourage students to stage may be in the school or near by community.
Limitations of Dramatization
Ø It is time consuming.
Ø If not guided properly it might create disinterest among students.
Ø In absence of practice, it might be difficult for students to stage the dramas in Sanskrit.
Ø It requires knowledge of Sanskrit dramas on the part of teachers.

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